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Creating and re-engaging with your real estate contacts database.

Don’t yet have a CRM with a database of contacts and don’t know where to start?

You already know you should be interacting with your sphere of influence (SOI), it’s the smart, long range plan that is proven to return impressive results.

It might surprise you, but the best place to start is your mobile phone!

Most people have contacts on their phone – sure you can re-enter all your contacts directly into a CRM, but what if you have hundreds of contacts?

Here is the easiest way to get them off your phone and into a format that you can use for your real estate contacts database:

Reconnecting with your real estate contacts database


Apple iPhones can sync with iCloud accounts – your iCloud account can include not only your photos, calendar and mail – but also your contacts.

Techadvisor has a great tutorial on how to access your iCloud account on your PC and import your contacts as a VCF file.

Android Phone:

It’s possible to export contacts on your Android device using a free app – Syncois describe how, with 3 methods to download your contacts, which just like the iPhone will be in the industry standard VCF format.

Convert the file for import into your real estate contacts database:

Once you have the VCF file the free AnyConv service can convert that VCF file into a comma delimited CSV version ready to be imported into a CRM of your choice. Don’t be intimidated, it’s easier than you think. Just follow the simple instructions.

Import into your CRM:

There are literally hundred of CRM’s to choose from. Do the research and choose one now! They almost all have an import function using your CSV file of contacts to populate their database.

In most cases it’s simply a matter of matching the fields in your file with the CRM’s field names.

Before you do anything just make sure your contacts email addresses are valid. The last thing you want is for a bunch of bouncing emails.

Run your contact list (CSV file) on Snov.io and validate every email (get 100 free) before you import into your CRM.

The sooner you do this the faster you will be making money from your CRM.

Contacts don’t have a current email or phone number?

This could be a problem! But it’s easily remedied. There are a number of services out there that will provide the information you need – one of these look up sites is Spokeo which instantly returns lots of info, including phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses and much more.

Spokeo allows you to inexpensively update any number of contacts, to create an up to date real estate contacts database that you can confidently start reconnecting with.

How to reengage with your contacts:

It can be hard reconnecting. You haven’t spoken to Jennifer from 2 jobs ago, must be at least a couple of years now. 🙁 Should you just forget all about her and move on?

Not likely! But you don’t necessarily need to awkwardly call her out of the blue either!

You could send a re-engagement email to start the conversation.

Here is an example you could use:

Subject: I’m so very sorry …

Hi {contacts name}

I have only myself to blame for not staying in as close contact with you in the past, as I would have liked.

Friends have helped me so much in my career, so rather than look back with regret at a lost relationship, I would be honored if you would allow me to reconnect and stay in touch.

Working with friends, or their friends sent to me as referrals, has to the most rewarding thing imaginable!

So I plan on taking better care of you, by providing you with real estate related resources, real estate tips and advice from time to time.

Here is the first resource {see example resources below}

I hope you find this useful, and I look forward to staying in regular touch.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me anytime …

{signiture block}

Example resources:

  1. Provide a link to the New York Times Home Maintenance Checklist
  2. Provide a maintenance checklist for either the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern one – both are freely distributable at no charge.
  3. A link to your Brokers or your own YouTube channel. Failing that a non-compete video that is real estate related – such as Andrea’s Pine and Prospect Channel:

Contractor & service referrals – another way of connecting.

In the course of doing business pay attention to the contractors you come across. Discuss cross referring with suitable candidates – you’ll be looking out for trades such as dry wall specialists, electricians, plumbers, cleaning companies, pest control and more.

These services need to be super reliable because you will be referring them to your sphere – so of course any hiccups are going to reflect straight back on you. Consider having a referral database deep enough that you can refer at least 2, preferably 3 names whenever you are asked “Who do you know”.

These referrals can be offered to your sphere of influence as a benefit of being part of your sphere. When you have a sufficient number of services, consider adding a P.S. to some of your communications:

P.S. Whenever I come across a really great contractor or service, they become part of my Trusted Resources. If you ever need a referral for a paint job, need electrical or plumbing work, a great landscaper or anything else home related – just let me know and I’d be honored to share some contact details.

This works in reverse too:

Let your service providers know that they can expect you to actively seek out new business from your clients to refer your clients to them – and in return you’re looking for referrals.

We hope you got some good actionable tips from this post, including how to re-engage with your real estate contacts database.

For more advice we have a complete FREE course available: The Fast Track & Reboot Training Program which guides newer real estate agents towards a successful career in real estate – the program works for more seasoned Realtors too, who might be in need of a career reboot.