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Fast Start & Reboot Real Estate Training Program

A Fast Track Plan for real estate career success.

Also works as a perfect online real estate training program and refresher course for more seasoned professionals, in need a career reboot.

The perfect real estate training program for new agents

People from all walks of life and from almost every age group, enter real estate with great hopes of success.

Newly minted Realtors have lots of smiles and enthusiasm, but typically lack direction.

Unfortunately too many of them fail …

… and depending on who you believe,  between 75% and 90% agents fail in their first year.

Many fall by the wayside because they have not been exposed to the right sort of real estate training program that would help them to succeed in such a competitive environment.

Valerie Garcia, Real Estate Speaker/Consultant

“Similarly to the way high school doesn’t really teach us basic life skills, real estate education focuses on the legality of the job, not the practical. Unless agents learn early how to manage time and money, plan for taxes & expenses, and convert leads into business… they will struggle or ultimately leave for a steady paycheck.”

But it does not need be that way!

This Free Fast Track & Reboot online training course will get you up to speed!

It’s worth noting that implementing the advice in this real estate training program can be achieved on a shoestring budget. In the early stages of your career, as you gain knowledge and confidence and income you’ll be able to supplement the lessons learnt in this course with other forms of client attraction methods.

In Part 1 of this course you will examine what makes a good real estate agent candidate and whether or not you have what it takes to succeed.

You will be encouraged to find a niche (experts earn more money) and you will establish the persona of your very best client for visualizations in your marketing efforts.

We will point you in the right direction for researching the market and getting to know the available, pending and sold inventory in your chosen niche. Next comes your marketing plan. We will look at what makes a great plan and how to implement, along with pointers to maximizing testimonials and reviews that will bring you social proof of your abilities as a real estate agent.

Finding potential clients and then communicating with them in an efficient and productive way takes some expertise and commitment as does the task of setting realistic goals and budgeting to make those goals a reality.

Part 2 of this real estate training program will guide you in establishing your online presence, build online content and write the sort of resume/bio that is designed to attract new business.

We will discuss creating your big announcement onto your local market as well as how to interact online with your sphere of influence.

Meeting the locals and working open houses in your chosen niche are examined as these are proven methods to kick start your new business and help you stand out from the crowd.

We will encourage you to leave a lasting impression of brilliant execution with every client and be rewarded with more referrals than you thought you could handle – as long as you follow this golden rule of doing the right thing – no matter what.

Seeking out a mentor and asking for help from the right people is one of the best things that will enhance your chances of success so choose wisely.

The Companion Workbook will bring all these topics into focus and help you get set up the right way.

This Free Fast Track & Reboot online training course will get you up to speed!

While nobody can absolutely guarantee success in this very competitive business, all I can say is that I wished someone had taken the trouble to write something like this and I had the foresight to read it and follow the advice when I first started out.