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Free thank you card printable template

How to get more referrals with thank you cards.

Here are some guidelines for great handwritten thank you cards along with free print templates to get you started.

A custom handwritten thank you card can almost certainly help develop a personal relationship with your potential clients, as well as encourage and prompt referrals!

Handwritten cards and letters may have fallen by the wayside in favor of emails, online invitations and text messages, but taking the time to write out your gratitude for your friend, client or colleague is an easy way to make sure they remember and think well of you for years to come.

That’s why when you do receive a handwritten note every now and then, you will probably treasure it.

Tips for writing great thank you notes:

  • Your thank you note’s tone should match the situation.
  • Keep thing friendly but professional with acquaintances.
  • Casual and upbeat when thanking someone you know personally.
  • After addressing your recipient, get straight to the point.
  • Specify the exact gift or opportunity you’re writing about, and tell them why you’re thankful.
  • Personalize your note by including an inside joke, referencing a previous conversation or suggesting a future opportunity to work together.

When should real estate agents agents send a handwritten thank you card?

  • Thank you after purchase
  • Buyer thank you after close of escrow
  • For sale by owner
  • Referral thank you
  • Anyone who gives you service
  • Thank you after giving listing presentation
  • Thank you for the listing
  • Thank you after not getting the listing
  • Thank you to buyer after showing
  • Telephone contact

With each card we suggest that you include your business card … with “Thank You” handwritten on it.

What a great thank you card looks like. Referral example:

Simply Noted also have great examples of sample notes for real estate agents – a good resource.

Advocates for handwritten Thank You cards

Brian Buffini is a well know coach (By referral only) who promotes sending just two handwritten cards a day to make 10 x the national average income.

KW agent and trainer Julie Youngblood explains why many of her coaching clients do so well sending out handwritten Thank You cards.

Thank you cards – where to buy.

You could take the easy way out and just pay for some cards:

  • Set comes with 10 cards
  • 6 x 9 Tent fold 
  • Comes with 10 White A6 Envelopes

10 cards = $1.19 each

Order from All Things Real Estate

You might use a dedicated writing and mail service.

Handwrytten is one of those online services available that uses robotic handwriting machines to write both the note and the envelope.

Pricing is about $3.25 plus postage for most cards. Monthly subscriptions will work out a little cheaper.

Simply Noted is another alternative service using robot pens with single cards costing $3.25 including postage.

Print your own card. Go the way cheaper route and customize it as well!

We have made it easy with free templates and link to affordable quick printing.

Reverse of card. Edit name & contact info in Canva.
Front of card. This too is editable.

Step 1

Edit this Thank You card template in Canva – the free version will work just fine. The template may look upside down, but that’s just how folded cards work.

Once you have edited the template, click on Download (top right) and choose the PDF Print option.

Step 2

Print on your own printer using card stock from Amazon – 100 for $0.25 each including envelopes.

Or go to PrintPapa – 250 cards cost only $0.32 each with envelopes! (shipping extra).

Don’t change the Select product: Folded card – 7 x 5 (flat) to 3.5 x 5 (Folded) as this matches the template. Choose how many cards to order.

Add to cart and then upload your PDF Print file, review the free proof and get your cards shipped in 3 days. Easy peazy!

Canva Download options

Your clients are entrusting you with one of the biggest events of their lives, and that’s not a job that you should take lightly.

Expressing your gratitude via a handwritten note, no matter if it’s a congratulatory message after a sale or a follow-up to a potential client, thank you cards can help you come off as more professional and will grow your business exponentially over time.