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Meet your referral partners

Find a referral partner from our members map. Referrals from other real estate agents can be one of your most valuable sources …

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Tips on Referral Etiquette :

Click on the Referral Partners profile link to check out their information.

Check out their Reviews to check them out. Consider adding reviews if there are not any.

Use a warm handover.

You are more likely to receive a referral fee if your Referral Partner is given a warm handover. Speak to your client and ask for permission for your preferred Partner to call them – this is essential etiquette in the process.

Follow up with your client to make sure that suitable contact was made.

Thank your Referrer.

Send a hand written card to your client thanking them for the opportunity to assist them.

If you are the receiving Referral Partner please keep the Agent who sent you the referral in the loop throughout the process and check back with them if you need further assistance.

If you are getting multiple referrals from the same agent consider giving back in a BIG way! Send personalized gifts, special mentions on social media – you get the idea!

Both the receiving and sending referral agents should record the referral.

To make it super easy use the link below:

Fill Referral Form Online